Despite of many aspects of this day, on September 24th our focus is on two planets; Mars and Neptune. They both are in a perfect opposition and this aspect may emphasize some type of rushed actions that may be not in agreement, in synchronicity with our ideals, spirit and collective beliefs. Based on some pressure and desire to lead in particular situations, some of us may take decisions that could affect future ideals, or would violate the boundaries of being human.

Because each planet has positive and negative characteristics we have many ways to interpret the influence of this aspect, respectively to fully comprehend the day.

For instance, Mars has a reputation associated with soldiers, fighters, defenders, aggressors, army officers, attacks, and because of courage, ambition and impulsivity, it may create dangerous situations, destruction, accidents, violence, arguments. These are negative characteristics, but what if some social dreams, beliefs and spiritual views are just fantasies? Therefore, an eventually impulse to act in a certain situation could be benefic for us and it could break anything that seems false and could confuse our existence; it could be cut off fast, eliminated from our present. Consequently, this major negative aspect may be not that bad. However, we could control this type of element if we will balance our energy and if we live in balance.

How about the world in general? Do we have balance? The agitation of various natural incidences such as the recent hurricanes and earthquakes, are these the response to our prayers? What have we wished for generally speaking, and what have we got? What is fair and what is illusion?

Going forward, symbolically Mars represents cruelty, madness, negligence, while Neptune is about humanity, groups of people, social dreams, communities, social solutions; it is about what I like to call mysterious protection. Therefore, the day may bring into our attention a particular circumstance that may contradict our beliefs, or the day may bring to our attention some natural event that could be not that easy to be deal with.


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