September 2017

We enter September with some energy and unfinished matters from August. Perhaps for this reason during September 2017 there are many major aspects that symbolically could move us into a more dynamic life. There could be many activities, ideas being materialized, and energy changes become more efficient and nevertheless we could have the opportunity to balance the rhythm of life.

August month has opened for us a special zone, different for each of us, allowing us to seed important intentions and participate with new ideas. Whether you believe or not in Astrology, the rhythm of life happens regardless, with or without acknowledging it.

The Universe has its own time and plan, and it will not stop or wait for any of us. Even if we change our world, and ourselves the Universe will remain the same. There is a perfect celestial movement with a perfect synchronicity. The Universe is “transparent” and it allow us to know hundreds years in advance the exact degrees and the trajectory of each planet. I tend to believe that our world is a miniature of the Universe. We struggle to become a perfect piece of this big machine. So, the September month it’s about working meticulously in order to materialize and perfect things.

The month starts with one very important positive aspect. On September 2nd, Mars being in the last degrees of Leo will trine Uranus, the “witness planet” of the August Leo Solar Eclipse. This day could give us some sort of “message”, a provocation, something that we could understand later on. What else can this aspect bring? First of all it’s a positive aspect, and theoretically it could be a very harmonious day. However, we have to take in consideration that this astrological equation contains the fastest planets (even violent) and also the most unpredictable planets. So, the day could surprise us, and could unfold provocation, especially in the direction we want to change things or in the zone where we resist changing.

On September 5th Mercury goes direct starting with 28˚ 25” Leo. It will collect from the last degrees of Leo some ideas, knowledge, and perhaps it will determine you to notice some details about what really the Total Solar Eclipse means. Or maybe you will see and comprehend in a different way what you have experienced in August, especially at an intellectual, communicative level. With this information, messages or agreements that you got or received in August you could over-analyze or you may put some of them in practice starting with September 10th.

Then, on September 10th, Mercury will enter in Virgo, popularly speaking it will make a comeback at home, in a familiar and supportive environment. If you where confused or if you misunderstood things during the last part of August, now it is the time to clarify things, have clear mind, good memory and focus. More than that, your ideas may be supported by your enthusiasm to do things. Your energy may drive you carefully through many details and you could become more receptive.

In the same day when Mercury goes direct, Mars enters in Virgo, one of Mercury’s sign. So September 5th, generally speaking, could be the shift of our energy, from impulsive to an analytical one. We may ignore our ego and we could go along with our logical thoughts. What is necessary and useful for us? How may we serve others? Hence, for the rest of September, Mars will continue its journey traveling though Virgo, one of Mercury’s territories. Mars is peregrine in Virgo. So symbolically, Mars is ‘wondering’ in Virgo, since it‘s away from its own territory and not in the territory of either a friend or an enemy. Then, Mars cannot be constrained to respect certain rules, rather than those of Mercury. Remember, peregrine planets are considered to be independent, functioning on their own without any particular relationship to any other planets or signs.

Going forward, one of the most important days of the month is September 6th because it will show the culmination of our emotional accumulation collected during the last 28 days. For some of us, this day could be an explosion of feelings and thoughts. For others it could be the higher point of compassion; in other cases could be the feelings of completion, realization or the ones linked to big dreams. Whatever it will be, you could live this day at a very intense and complex level. On September 6th there is a Full Moon in Pisces (13˚53”).

Then, another important day of the month, which could open new life perspectives or a least a new intentions for next four weeks is September 20th. First of all during this day there is a New Moon in Virgo (27˚27”). Then, on the same day September 20th Venus enters in Virgo sign. However Venus falls in Virgo and it may not function well in the analytical sign of Virgo. However, we all could learn to enjoy and to value the small things in life.

Nevertheless, on September 23rd or September 22nd, depending where in the world do you life, Sun will enter in Libra sign. It’s Venus’s sign, which could protect our relationships, our values and it will emphasize the importance of having balance in life, having a good cooperation, and diplomacies.

In terms of aspects, there are many positive major ones that could allow us to experience joy and manifest ourselves naturally and peacefully. Despite of many positive aspects during September, I have noticed some days that could bring into the world and consequently into our life some sort type of obstacles, irritation, inconveniences, tensions, conflicts, etc.

On September 13th Sun will approach Saturn by squaring it. The day shows the culmination point of this aspect and it could signify a much hard work and uneasy energy to deal with it. It’s like a confrontation between a very creative person and someone very conservative with clear restrictions and rules. So how could you shine if you are not allowed to do it? Will you break some limits and give life to your individuality? Of course not, but when your vitality depends of your movement, do you prefer to die? The good part of this aspect is the modality, so you will be more flexible at this time to move on with your intentions.

Then, on September 24th Mars will approach Neptune forming a perfect opposition involving the 12˚of Virgo and Pisces sign. This could bring into the day picture two extremes. So, don’t be surprised if some aggressive energy will appear during this day. However, you may be willing to accept reality and also, you may like to learn to relate emotionally to others. This will encourage others to respond to you more profoundly. Don’t take a big decision without knowing all the conditions, especially during this day. Symbolically, Mars rushes things, while Neptune may get you confused.

On September 25th Mercury will square Saturn. Symbolically, this aspect may open once again a problem in communication, transportation, even hard time to deal with structures, managing time, knowledge, even some of us could have a rigid mind or very strict thoughts and conservative life principles.

The toughest day of the month could be September 28th. Jupiter will form a perfect opposition with Uranus. Apparently this day could indicate a high degree of enthusiasm and intellectual development. However, things may not be in a harmonious way, because an opposition never brings harmony. So, it may be the day of contradiction between superiors and humanitarian groups.  Nevertheless it could be a day of a powerful massages from Universe, God if you like, message that could contribute in some way to our change as a society.

In my view Uranus will have a very important role for all of us in the next 6 months, so any major aspects that Uranus will form during the next six months may have an impact on us, it will change in some way our higher mind, our humanity and our collective intentions.

Imagine a person who has assisted to a big event, whether positive or negative one. Because he or she was there and saw clearly “the entire action” it could impact in some strong way her/his life. For instance, if a person saw a crime, it will talk and react in a particular way when she/he will meet a friend or another person. Most likely will explain what he or he saw, it will cooperate with authorities and contribute to resolve that case.

In our case, Uranus has assisted to the Total Solar Eclipse from August 21st. It was the only planet, which symbolically saw when the Moon completely covering the solar disk.

Therefore, in my view when Uranus has a perfect major aspect with another planet will “talk about it”, will contribute in some way to our “World Change”.

On top of this, on September 28th Pluto goes direct starting with 16˚51” Capricorn. Pluto is about our life transformation, our World regeneration and is about deep and dark secrets. Pluto was in this degree last year on December 29th 2016.

At the end of the month, on September 30th Mercury will leave its own sign and it will enter Libra. This could balance any diplomatic disruptions; any collaboration could be done in an agreeable manner.

Best wishes for all of you!

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