Forensic Astrological Report



I will use the natal chart of the person in question in connection to others astrological technics, like transits, progression, solar arc, moon’ phrases complex, even solar return charts to determine the nature of events as they occurred in unsolved crimes and missing persons cases. I will use my own formula, to find out the inner quality of the person in questions in connection to the external events. The transits, lunation’s complex and progressions may open the “book of that person story”. Usually, I don’t analyze just the day and the year in question. I always like to go back at least six months / one year, to understand the circumstances and the trajectory of that person life. Therefore, I will provide a profound report about that person life, including dates, and area of life which could challenge or have serious issues. Although this will be a very complex report, this will be just a second opinion from an astrological point of view. It may link to vital clues, which ultimately may let you explore the probabilities. You must contact me before purchasing this report.

$300 is the starting price; it may change depending on how many people are involved in the case and how complex it may be.

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