Baby & Kids Natal Chart Report



This report will be analyzed based on the dominant elements of his/her natal chart and the most important aspects. I will deeply analyze the personality in connection to his /her uniqueness and the way of self-expression. I will extract the origins of the baby/child, the relationship to his parents, and the needs of your baby/child to feel safe, to be open and to feel secure. Also, I will add details in relating to school, hobbies that she/he may have, the relationship to siblings, schoolmates, and teachers. Hence, this is a brief interpretation that will contain about 4-5 pages concentrated on the significant aspects of the child’s chart, including pattern aspects, Angles, Moon’s Nodal Axis Complex, Moon Phases. I recommend this chart for any parent who wants to know better his/her child. Knowing your baby from different perspectives may improve the communication and the relationship with him/her, nevertheless it may open a possibility to stimulate her/his originality and creation. Hence you could become better support of your child. You could find out a lot of useful aspects of your child, which may unfold over the years.

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