The month of October seems to have a very normal and smooth dynamic when the personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars change signs, while just one social planet Jupiter does the same. There is also a Full Moon and a New Moon as it happens every month. Also, we also have two outer planets retrograde the entire month of October: Uranus and Neptune. However, the month seems to be personalized by certain aspects, especially by specific ones that I will go over in the second part of this article.

First of all, on October 5th there is a Full Moon in Aries (12˚ 43”). Aries is fire, a cardinal sign that usually stimulates us to lead, to act and to initiate actions. A Full Moon usually emphasizes a situation that is already consumed. Also, it usually brings intense emotion, a strong wish to finalize things based on feelings and impulse. However, this Aries Full Moon is not that sensitive, is more likely to activate our ambition and impulse of competition. On the other hand, this Full Moon may push some of us to conclude a particular situation that could consume our energy for the past 28th days. In some cases this Aries Full Moon could direct some of us to a very high level of courage, abilities to fight, abilities to lead and ultimately to initiate a new way of emotional expression.

For instance, if the Full Moon will fall in your 7th house it may reveal either a culmination of relationship or the impossibility to go on with a relationship. Then, if this Fall Moon will fall in your 11th house, you may come to a conclusion regarding your common projects, social implications or friends from across the globe that you have trusted over time. Additionally, during this day you could act based of your mood, impulse and ambition rather than feelings, emotions and affections. Hence, all of us will experience in some particular way this full moon, but it will be more intense for those who have planets between 11˚ -14˚Aries, or even between 11˚-14˚in opposite sign Libra.

Then, on October 10th or 11th (depending where in the world you live), Jupiter enters in Scorpio. Jupiter is peregrine planet in Scorpio sign, symbolically known as being independent, functioning on it own without any particular relationship to any other planets or signs. On the other hand, Jupiter in transit indicates de area of life in which we are trying to grow and the way we are doing this. It shows the area where we need to expand ourselves, where we need to comprehend our reality, where we need to educate ourselves in order to become knowledgeable.

So, check out your natal chart and see what house Jupiter is transiting at this moment. That will be a very important zone of growing in the next approximately 12 months. (Jupiter will stay in Scorpio until Nov 9th 2018). On other hands, according to well known astrologer Rob Hand, Jupiter has a strong social dimension; it is concerned with the social “glue” that holds everything together.

However, Jupiter in Scorpion it may require some type of human transformation, regeneration, in order to access our deep sense of wisdom, to expand our worldwide vision. Nevertheless, Jupiter is known as a great benefic, and it’s associated with benefits and happiness. But how can you access your benefits, how can you recognize your opportunities if you are not opened up yet your feelings? So, any situation that you may experience during the next approximately 12 months (in a close connection to the house where Jupiter is transiting at this moment), it may bring you a large amount of benefits in the end.

Going forward on October 14th Venus enters in Libra, in one of its own sign. Venus may bring into our attention the balance we need to learn in order to have harmony in our relationships and to have a good cooperation with others. It may determine us to prefer peace rather than disturbance, to appreciate the valuable things around and to see kindness in others. For instance, if Venus will transit your 1st house it means you could have a personal charisma, charm, and refinement. Doesn’t matter what door you may open, you will have the opportunity to affirm yourself, to shine, to show your elegance, your inner beauty and your kindness.

Then, on October 17th – Mercury enters in Scorpio, allowing our mind to explore everything that seems mysterious and profound. We could have more passion towards finding out the truth. We could have a deep drive or passion to research and investigate what was hidden from us. On the other hand, some of us could have some fixed ideas that may be not that easy to adjust or change.

Going forward on October 19th there is a New Moon in Libra sign (26˚ 35”). Libra is all about balance, about having continuity, refinement and diplomacy. So, naturally we could set our intention for the next 28 days based of these qualities. This New Moon could bring new beginnings for those people, which have natural planets around 26˚ Libra or even at 26˚Aries (the opposite sign); (+1 or -1 degree).

October 23rd / 22nd (depending of your location) – Sun enters in the deeper sign – Scorpio. Somehow it will conduct our energy, our ideas through a higher level, where our feeling could be intense and we could become powerful, determinate to research and, eventually to rebirth some old ideas.

On October 23rd / 22nd (depending of your location) – Mars enters in Libra

Mars in Libra may require that diplomacy and patience needs to be cultivated. People in general may rather defend themselves, or may take actions on their own behalf and on the behalf of others when injustices have been done.

In terms of aspects, all of them require a great amount of attention, especially if you like to comprehend the whole picture of October, or if you like to analyze them in a close connection to your natal chart. However, generally I consider significant several major aspects from October that could bring a great amount of irritation, inconvenience, frustration, limits, conflict and stress.

October 9th, 11th, 15th and 19th could challenge us in terms of long time projects, time lessons, structuring ideas of business, reevaluation of self, controlling ideas and thoughts, boundaries, inner transformation and changes in connection to future plans.

On October 9th we have two major aspects that may either bring into our attention vital ideas that need to be considered or it may amplify the thoughts we have in terms of personal transformation. Pluto will be in a perfect square with both Sun and Mercury.

On October 11th Mars will perfectly square Saturn (22˚54”) a time when we could be tempted to accelerate things, especially long-standing ones. The situation we may encounter may require patience, solid knowledge or experience in order to succeed. So it may be not a good idea to rush or end prematurely project or some of your attributes.

On October 15th Mercury will opposite Uranus and Mars will opposite Chiron. This day could bring us unexpected news that could contribute to our life changes. On the other hand, our activities, especially the ones that will be determined (dictated) by our ego, could affect us physically and spiritually. In some cases, it may complicate the process of healing some personal wounds. Hence, even if the day may surprise us, it may still require delicate and careful actions.

On October 19th Sun will be in a perfect opposition with Uranus retrograde (26˚32”). We have some focus and balance navigating through life, but this day may awake us in some way. I consider this aspect the most important aspect of the month, because it will highlight something in connection with our identity in world, individuality, plans, and rhythm in a strong connection with the society, our freedom and our uniqueness. It could bring for some of us major changes that will slowly redirect our higher mind and our daily routine to something else. Hence, a very important element could be activated during or around this day, or a very important step could be taken into consideration, one that may contribute to a major change, especially for those people who have been affected by the August Solar Eclipse.

To conclude, in the first part of October we can find a lot of flexibility and convenience to initiate actions that can satisfy and stabilize our needs. (A lot of planets are in a cardinal and mutable signs, while the fix modality is not emphasized at all).

In the second part of October we could show not that much availability to generate ideas and thought towards future change, and we could have difficulty to visualize or see things from other perspectives. Therefore some of us could slow the individual process of progress or could reject the idea of improvement. Also, some of us could be reserved towards things or situations that could be beneficial.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous month!

October 2017


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