As a general view, the month of November 2018 seems to have a different dynamic than October. The first part of the month seems more active in terms of planetary movements. Between Nov 7 and Nov 17th, we might feel like a lot of things are happening, in our private life, as well as socially or globally. First of all, on Nov 7th, Uranus being retrograde goes back for the last time in Aries sign, the sign of initiation, actions, competition, and fighting. The outer planet Uranus will stay in Aries until March 5th, 2019, symbolically bringing agitation and impatience at the collective level. In other words, it may accelerate the impulse to take unpredicted actions, to break the old rules, especially to rush in taking the final decisions, to finalize long time projects.

On the same day, Nov 7th, when Uranus goes back in Aries sign, there is a Scorpio New Moon, that could symbolically bring new things, elements, people into the picture, something that could regenerate our long-term view. It could bring passion, creativity and an intense feeling of commitment and determination.

Then, on November 9 (GMT) the social planet Jupiter enters its own sign Sagittarius. It will stay in its own sign Sagittarius until December 3rd, 2019. During this time, we may become more active and also be more confident in some aspect of our lives, depending on the natal chart of each one of us. Theoretically, Jupiter shows those areas where we can take advantage of opportunities and reveals how we are benevolent towards others. At a universal level, there may be an urge to broaden our horizons and to develop our spiritual beliefs; it may expend the social wisdom, it may emphasize religions and our philosophy of life. Also, inflation may increase because Jupiter symbolizes expansion and exaggeration, and being in his own sign makes its influence more powerful. After that, when Jupiter will enter in Capricorn (Dec 3rd, 2019) the economy may slow down, or least we can notice a weaker economic growth. Last time when Jupiter was in Sagittarius was from November 2006 to December 2007.

Going forward, on November 16th, Mars enters in Pisces while Venus goes direct. We will have a green light and easy movement in terms of relationships and values. Moreover, on the next day, Nov 17th, Mercury goes retrograde. It will stay retrograde until Dec 6th. This time frame time may emphasize errors in documents, misunderstanding in terms of contracts. For this reason, it is not indicated to sign any major documents.

On November 23rd (GMT) / November 24th (USA) there is a Full Moon in Gemini. Even if a full moon usually shows intensity, high emotions, completion, this one could bring flexibility to understand logically our emotions, or to comprehend our intellectual implications.

Additionally, on Nov 25th the outer planet Neptune goes direct, emphasizing a social dream, a big social ideal. Neptune’s energy could be felt at the collective level, or by sensitive people, people that can perceive the vibrations of Universe.

All in all, November is the month that emphasizes the collective needs, the courage to find unusual ways to protect humanity. We will expand our views, and we will see the world from a different perspective, with more opportunities.

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