One of the most important days of each month is when the New Moon takes place. The New Moon is always about new beginnings, new strategies, new plans, and new ideas. What we will start during the New Moon, we will grow during the next month. The Moon is symbolically associated with our emotions, feelings, needs, subconscious, roots, habits, memories and dreams. However, each New Moon is part of a unique astrologic configuration. Then, this New Moon is in Gemini, which is an air, mutable sign, emphasizes the intellectual world, information, knowledge, communication and negotiation.

Despite of other big configurations of the day, this New Moon semi-squares Venus and also sesquiquqdrates Pluto, symbolically emphasizing some minor tensions, fighting between our way of collaboration and our dark side of keeping things secrets. Hence, the day could open up some sort type of stress and feeling of frustration. Therefore, this New Moon will activate directly Venus and Pluto. But more then that, Venus and Pluto are already in a major hard aspect. Venus is at 19˚Aries and squares Pluto, which is at 19˚ Capricorn. This is the perfect orb, a time when a major conflict could arrive at a maximum point, involving our values and our mysterious world; our beautiful energy towards peace, harmony, diplomacy, and our dark secrets, what is behind the scenes. This could be the day or the time when a new intellectual strategy may take place.

At a personal level some relationships could be affected by some secrets that could be revealed during this day, one that could represent a new beginning, much more flexible in terms of affection. However, the New Moon shows a new beginning and if you have natal planets between 3˚ and 5˚ Gemini, or even 3˚and 5˚ opposite sign Sagittarius that you could bring new beginnings according to the house where this new moon will fall in your natal chart.

Wishing you all a very happy New Moon!

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