During May 23rd, Mars will be in a perfect square with Chiron that is Mars’s sign, Aries. During this day, Mercury semi-square North Node, and sesquiquadrate (135˚) South Node. Also, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, which is retrograde in Capricorn, and it still in perfect conjunction with the South Node (20˚Capricorn).

The day might be challenging in different spheres of our personal life. Perhaps the meaning of the challenge is to deal with the discovering or acknowledging our particular kind of warrior energy.

On the other hand, we could be more mentally or intellectually active. Or least we could look for a logical resolution. A possible message, idea, or thought could link us to the past. Our mind could rediscover old elements that were not finalized yet, or ignored for a long time.

The energy developed during May 23rd may continue during the next day, too, because Mercury will sesquiquadrate Pluto, which is also in Capricorn (two degrees apart of Saturn).

Symbolically, there could be a conflict between our thoughts, our inner power, and the foundation of our practical world, reality. The next day energy could intensify the entire package of our thoughts, ideas and could guide our mind to analyze the reality and the things that are behind the scenes.  

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