This day may open up once again an opportunity to reflect into our relationships including friendships or any type of collaborations. Also, we could have the opportunity to rectify some damaged (uneasy going) relationships, some agreements and collaborations. However, because of our ego, we may ignore it without understanding some of its big benefits. Everything depends on us if we know how to balance the energy of the day. We have the free will and everything we bring in our lives represents our values, which actually define us. Some of those “values”, or some unhealthy attachments could be in contradiction with our life progress. And this will be the day when we can notice that. This is because during May 19th Venus will opposite Jupiter, and will challenge our faith, our trust.

Then, on the same day, Saturn will square Uranus, a time that may challenge our old structures, our old strategies. Also, our hard work could be shaken by unexpected events, which may determine some of us to break free, to take new ways in life.

More than that, on May 19th Sun will square the nodal axis, it will square both the North South and the North Node. Do you comprehend the rebellious layers of your roots, your origins and do you know what’s direction in life? You may think about this during May 19th


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