On May 18th there is a Full Moon in Scorpio sign (27˚39”). Also, this day, May 18th emphasizes two more aspects: Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus, in a perfect orb (3˚50”) and Venus semi-square Neptune.

The dynamic of the day may fluctuate. Our instinctive reactions, habits, physical needs, feelings, and the way we are connected, things considered safe and familiar are crucial during this day.  We could fully comprehend the power of hidden emotions, the intensity of feelings, passion, loyalty, dedication, and determination. In the same time, we might have a predisposition to feel dissatisfied, the pressure of some secrets, jealousy, obsession, and profound thoughts that could shape the way we see things around us. However, this day might open a possibility to reset our emotions or daily needs, to eliminate old “baggage,” to forgive and forget; nevertheless to become more flexible, letting go of the sophisticated sensitivity or eventually unhealthy habits.

On the other hand, we may notice that some aspects of our life, in terms of creation, including love, values, money, investments or relationships are not how we imagined them to be in idealistic way. So, a spontaneous thought could accentuate the wish to break up from the old patterns and explore something new, eccentric, and unusual. Consequently, some of us could make unpredictable investments or spend money in some unusual ways.

At a universal level, this day may emphasize dissatisfaction among the various classes of society; unpredictable news in terms of the law, especially dealing with women’s. (In mundane astrology, Venus, like the Moon, represents a nation’s women. So, during this day, Venus will be in perfect conjunction with Uranus, too). 

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