March 2019 seems to bring a different type of energy, a different dynamic than the previous month. Many planets will change signs during March 2019, which is very normal for personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars). However, on March 6th, one of the outer planets, Uranus will enter in Taurus. It will travel through Taurus sign until July 7th, 2025. So, as a first impression, March 2019 could be a busy month and it may require various changes and adjustments.

The month starts with earth energy, emphasizing our need for stability, patience. Five planets will be in earth signs at the beginning of the month (Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto). On the other hand, at the beginning of the month, we have non-planets in an air sign. Therefore, symbolically, things may not flow naturally in terms of understanding things conceptually and find a logical explanation for everything. On the top of this, on March 5th, Mercury goes retrograde, that could slow down our intellectual abilities. In some cases, symbolically it may push us back, to rethink something that we may treat superficially, or not very realistically. Mercury will stay retrograde until March 28th 2019. So this time frame of Mercury retrograde could represent an invitation to reevaluate some old ideas, plans, intellectual work, papers, documents, everything that may imply commerce, travels, studying, media.

Despite of the above, on March 2nd, Venus enters in Aquarius, which is an air sign, and it may be the only connection to the “innovative world”. Also, Venus entering in Aquarius may symbolize an unusual way of approaching the material world. In some cases, we could hear, or even have some bizarre values.

Going forward, on March 6th Uranus enters in Taurus. In the same day, there is a Pisces New Moon. A new perspective may appear towards a visionary world, mystical subjects and compassion. Additionally to this, on March 27th, Venus enters in Pisces. Venus is in exaltation in Pisces sign (15˚47”), which may emphasize the way we approach others, the qualities that we see in others. It may show the capacity for unconditional love and devotion. However, there could be a tendency towards dissatisfaction; always seeking for something or someone else that has a “perfect form”. Nevertheless, this could be an inspirational time for artistic work.

On March 21st there is a Full Moon in Libra (0˚09”). A full Moon represents the culmination point of something that gave us high emotions since last month. In some cases, it may bring resolution, completion in terms of negotiation skills, harmony, diplomacy, teamwork.

On the other hand, during March 2019 there are several major aspects that may bring sparkles and beauty into our World. For instance, on March 7th Sun will be in perfect conjunction with Neptune. Despite that, there are several days that may indicate minor obstacles, tension and conflict. One of this day could be March 10th when Mars semi-sextile Chiron.
Wishing you all a very Happy Month!

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