On June 9th Jupiter will prepare to move direct, starting with 13 degrees Libra sign and also there is Full Moon in Jupiter sign at 18˚ 53” Sagittarius.

If Jupiter supports this Full Moon, Venus will open a nice landscape for Jupiter and it may bring natural opportunities and actions to move forward. During this day of June 9th Venus sextile Mars. Very interesting day, indeed!

Jupiter is about higher knowledge and since it has moved retrograde it had the opportunity to reanalyze what is benefic and what can disturb us. Now is the time to comprehend the higher force and decide what way should we take, especially when a full moon may indicate the end of a full cycle. Despite of any closure, completion, our soul could be relieved and it will be accompanied by Venus sextile Mars, which may offer us the best support we ever had. We will have artistic energy to redesign our journey in life. Things may come for us naturally and easily. Despite of outside circumstances, our inner energy seems to be worn out, peaceful and grateful. Also, there seems to be a perfect harmony between our values and our actions.

Jupiter has also transited through this degree (13˚13.0” Libra) on last year, November 11th 2016. Hence, Jupiter knows already the condition of this degree, so it may know what to expect. If you have some memories from last year on November 11th 2016, you may experience something similar on June 9th . Theoretically, the day when a planet moves direct or retrograde has a very strong signification for us. Somewhere in the world it will happen something significant. Depending of the planet, sign, degrees, they must correspond with a particular country.

At a personal level, if you have a natal planet at 13˚ Libra or in a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer or Capricorn) you may feel intensely Jupiter’s movement.

At a universal level it could be a concern with ethnicity, long distance travels, religions, foreign affairs, church, judge, fairness, being interested in the law and the principles of social justice. Jupiter being direct symbolically may require balanced, fair-minded attitude, wisdom, moral law, and faith in people.

However, on June 9th there is also a Full Moon at 18˚ 53” Sagittarius sign, which is Jupiter sign. Jupiter represents the urge for self-improvement through participation in the large whole. So, naturally we could be open to explore, we could be excited to see something new, to expand our opportunities, and link ourselves to a good fortune. So this full moon may help us become emotionally free, have a flexible vision, eliminate some unhealthy memories, and “fly” with our vision. See where in your natal chart you have 18˚ degrees Sagittarius, or even opposite sign 18˚ Gemini. If you have natal planets at this degree then you may feel in a such particular way this Full Moon.

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