On June 5th Mars enters in Cancer sign and symbolically it may cause us an energy meltdown. Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn and in its fall in the opposite sign Cancer. So Mars is not that powerful in Cancer sign. In traditional astrology, Mars in Cancer is considered to be very weak and ineffective. Therefore our energy, our drive, our competitive energy could slow down for a while and we could drive our intention towards family, private environment, public if you are a public person, security, protection and nurturing others. The entire month of June Mars will be transiting Cancer sign and symbolically will determine us to protect our feelings and personal security. We could response more passively to any provocation. However, we can develop our intentions and we can defend ourselves and other vulnerable people from any attacks. More then that, during June 5th Moon will change sign from Libra to Scorpio. Hence, in the afternoon we could become deeper, more passionate about something that seems interesting. Moon will be under Gibbous Phase, which means that the Moon will be 135˚ -180˚ ahead of the Sun. Also, we cold take a few steps back, being passive and sensitive in the same time. You could seek meanings in everything you feel during this day even if you have to go back in to your memories, eventually going back several days. All in all, Mars being in Cancer the entire month of June could indicate an intellectual plan towards security, protection, needs, defending rather than provoking fights. At a universal level some activities could be initiated in this direction. Also, during June there could be some actions taken towards people in need, initiatives towards nurturing others.

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