The Sun is a dynamic force, which seeks to express and actualize. Sun illuminates everything it touches. At this time, Sun will touch Neptune from a hard angle. So some circumstances of the day may make us open up our individual power, vision and faith. So, symbolically it may emphasize our curiosity, and we could simple radiate just thinking of some ideas that could have some impact. However, even if we connect with the idea, there could be a stressful situation that may require much hard work, in order to implement it. What is not real will be separated from us and what is real will remain with us, and will help our individual progress.

However, Neptune is all about “theatrical” emotions, it may signify the musician, the actor, the composer, the playwright, the painter, the filmmaker, the photographer. So everyone has some percent of artistic expression in his or her personality. And this day June 4th could determine us in a hard way to open up a unique window to see more, to visualize our life goal.

On the other way, Neptune is associated with human suffering, serving others, while Sun most often emphasizes our ego. So this aspect could be a fight between our ego and our faith, our uniqueness and our fantasy. However, this aspect Sun square Neptune apparently seems hard and it may determine some of us to change direction, to take either a right or left way. But the meaning behind this astrological configuration could be a universal plan. It may necessitate conscious effort, dedication, individual choice, and imagination.

At a universal level this aspect may indicate an act of voluntary submission to something greater or higher. Our creative effort could link us to something miraculous, something that could extend our belief, our faith.

Nevertheless, we could wish to offer a genuine reflection of ourselves, our identity in the world. Many of us could discover ourselves in a common dream. The Sun may want us to express the best version of our individuality, while Neptune will help us to see farther than we imagine, being part of the group. On another level, there could be some discussion with a male figure, especially with father. Apparently it could indicate a challenge, but it may help you to have clarity in a specific direction. Think positive!

Additionally, on June 4th 2017 Venus will trine North Node and will sextile the South Node and it may emphasize our future relationships in the world. Nevertheless it could bring into our attention some new relationships, new cooperation, or a least could put our focus on our past and our future axis.

If you didn’t see my June Forecast video yet, you are welcome to watch it here.

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