On June 3rd, we have a New Moon in Gemini (12˚34”). This Gemini New Moon opposite Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius; it squares Neptune in Pisces, and also semi-sextile Mars in Cancer.

Around this day, we could have a profound desire to understand some aspects of our life that we might’ve ignored for some time. It depends on each one of us emotion system, imagination, receptivity; we could have an opportunity to expand our inner wisdom, generosity, and beliefs. Nevertheless, we could find meanings by non-verbal, wise messages in old things, people, etc.

However, during this day, June 3rd, our instinct may make us act fast, have positive day interactions, be rational, objective, detached, and to eliminate all the deep emotions, profound feelings, sentiments, life philosophy, morality, philanthropic sense, eventually to incorporate new hobbies that could grow us intellectually.

Moreover, we might want to take a positive step forward. Some of us could navigate and make new connections; others could take a decision to have a short trip in the next future; others could have a plan to study something new.

All in all, despite our inner contradictions, June 3rd could make us more flexible and curious to explore more, to incorporate new knowledge.  Therefore, June 3rd might be the seed in terms of a future plan, that may reflect mental activities, communication, connections, transportation, education, and internet.

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