During the 2nd of June, as Mars square Chiron, we may have the curiosity to look from different perspectives into some particular spheres of our personal life. So, directly or indirectly we could redirect our intellectual energy to that place where we have some wounds to heal. Connecting our energy to an existing sensitive subject of our personal lives may challenge us or it may reactivate our caring energy, so we could be more compassionate towards others. Chiron shows how and where our wisdom, compassion and healing power is available for others but from which we cannot personally benefit.

So Mars square Chiron could symbolically dig into our reality and reveal some open wounds. Check your natal chart and see where you have 28˚-29˚ Gemini or 28˚-29˚ Pisces. There could be more stories especially if you have natal planets in these orbs.

At a Universal level, Mars square Chiron may show that our challenge is to discover our particular kind of warrior energy. Many of us could become easy irritated, even angry during this day. So don’t be surprised if you see angry people around, people they express their thoughts through violence, aggressively. In fact this day may teach us something about courage, leading, competition, rivals. Despite of this, up there could be people that might be forced to develop their individuality and risk expressing their own opinions. However, even if apparently Mars square Chiron could be challenging, it may open the opportunity to understand and accept some circumstances of our lives.

All in all, if you meet some obstacles and things do not move as fast as you may be tempted to, try to think about the privilege to be alive. You could stand up for yourself; you can connect your body and spirit in order to successfully cover however the challenge may be.

The month has just started and it will be a very dynamic one! Wishing you a beautiful summer!


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