On June 23rd at 9:50 PM US Central Time, there will be a New Moon in Cancer sign (2˚47”). Also, the next day, June 24th Venus trine Pluto retrograde in a perfect orb.

This day could naturally open new ways towards approaching and nurturing others. You could have a sensitive mood and also you could be more available then before to support others needs. Therefore you could take new initiatives in terms of home, family, safety, security, caring, feelings and moods. Moreover, you could regenerate the way you see the values of society in general. This Cancer New Moon is accompanied by Venus trine Pluto, which may unfold a strong feeling of love, profound power of attraction, nevertheless emphasizing your mysterious artistic gift. Venus trine Pluto may enable you to enjoy the higher creative experiences that love can bring.

On the other way, Pluto is retrograde and symbolically it may revise a big issue that we have as a society, issue in connection with peace, love, harmony, values, arts, cooperation and diplomacy. Pluto denotes power, intensity, concentrated energy, deep focus, regeneration, transformation, the ability to start over and rebuild; the wish to do things on a large scale and mass energy. In a negative way Pluto may signify obsession, control issues, brute force, dramatic changes, even criminal elements. However, during June 24th Pluto forms a positive aspect with Venus, so the energy of this day could naturally flow easy and it could bring joy.

Overall, these two days June 23rd and June 24th could open an unusual deep affection, intense emotions, but in a positive way. You could control your profound emotions and you could regenerate your feelings.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Moon!

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