There are many aspects activated at the moment, but the most
critical aspects of June 23rd, 2019 are:

  • Saturn conjunct South Node and opposite North
    Node (Capricorn/ Cancer)
  • Venus in Gemini opposite Jupiter retrograde in
    Sagittarius (17˚)

It seems to be the precise time when we may have to let go
or separate us from some past duties, moral guidelines, and old principles of
contraction, boundaries, and control. 
The old fears in terms of rigid circumstances, limitation, humiliation,
judgment seems to be outdated, or not in synchronicity with our life

This period of time may bring into the picture a new situation that requires practical implication to eliminate something that has caused suffering and pain. At a global level we could be witness to a slow process of removal in regards to something that has given hardship to a nation; the final break of an alliance, but not in a positive way. Symbolically, Saturn represents the end of the line, and often referred to as “society’s ego” (think about what country is under Saturn influences? Where is located Saturn in USA’s natal chart? ).

However, our energy shows a green light to develop the
ability to nurture others, give and show emotions, love, peace, care, and
eventually to provide security.

Also, this time of the year seems to challenge the
intellectual values of society and also the moral judgment. These two are not
in synchronicity, and it may degenerate in some sort of conflict.

Our personal lesson at this time may be to learn how to
receive and give emotions, to trust the power of love and to let go of the need
to manage everything.

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