There are so many aspects activated at the moment, but the most critical aspects of June 19th, 2019 are:

-Mercury opposite Pluto (22˚)

-Mars opposite Pluto (22˚)

During this day, we may be intensely preoccupied with some new ideas or plans. Also, the day may emphasize our ambitions, desires, and aspirations. However, Mars opposite Pluto is known as a major challenging aspect. Mars is in Cancer, while Pluto is in Capricorn. Both signs are cardinal, symbolically pushing us to initiate, act, and decide. Public, protection, security, human emotions are very often associated with Cancer, while Capricorn is the sign of structures, precision, intolerance, hard work, authority, politic, and practicality. 

We may feel the need to incorporate in our daily life new elements, and at the same time, we might not easily give up the old ones. The new plans could make us enthusiast, and give us courage to act, while the old patterns could provide us with pressure and obsession.

Generally speaking, the day may trigger some sort type of conflict, even if it is personal, or between organizations, countries. What to incorporate and what to eliminate?

At a global level, the day could be stressful in terms of collaborations, politics, authorities; who has the power and who leads. However, Mars is in fall in Cancer and is not that powerful.

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