On June 15th our ego could motivate us more than unusually to follow our personal interest. We could look optimistically to the future, and we could feel we are ready to take any decisions. However, don’t hurry up things, the time seems to test us. Also, today is the day when our maturity could slow down our childish enthusiasm. Various circumstances could block our manifestations.

Therefore, you could experience during June 15th stress, fear, sadness, limits, boundaries, and separation (Sun opposite Saturn in the same degree).

The time could unfold some duties that we have forgot or to involuntary ignored. So we may want to be patient, to resolve those issues that could affect our individual expression or our reputation. During June 15th we could be tempted to fight for our own rights, but rather than contradicting will be rewarding if we will go back and analyze our mistakes, repair what we can and find the best resolution. The frustration that we could feel during this day may help us see the pure reality and nevertheless it will help us put the light on our life structures, morality.

If you have a fear of failing and of being not good enough don’t give up your plans, your strategies! Don’t underestimate yourself! Also, don’t separate yourself for the person that seems to bring challenge into your life. Resist and put the magnifier into that issue, eventually building something worthwhile and solid. It’s easy to quit rather than put effort. If you increase your self-discipline, if you work hard with your personal issues, whatever they are, in the end you can gain mastery and become an expert in that specific area.

During this day an authority male figure could limit or control your activities. So a superior person could appear to point exactly to the direction where you have to work hard, eventually he may examinee you, may evaluate your work. Even if is about your boss, your father, your teacher, and even if it could be a very hard lesson, at the end of the road you will remember the benefits of this “eruption”. It will take time to understand, to absorb the meaning of a hard lesson. Saturn is all about the time, while Sun is all about power and light.

So turn the light on and control your own life!

Additionally, in Mundane Astrology Saturn is linked with authority, tradition, law and order. It’s associated with police, law enforcement and government institutions such as the civil service. On the other hand Sun symbolizes heads of state, the President or Prime Minister and more generally the leader or the person in charge and the ‘ruling’ classes, magistrates.

So this could be the day with a high level of fighting between whoever represents Saturn and Sun.

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