Quincunx (150˚ arc length) is generally considered to be a challenging minor aspect that is associated with inhibitions, mildly irritation, and unease to achieve.  

Mars is in Cancer while Jupiter is retrograde in Sagittarius. The support that these two planets receive from the signs where are located at the moment is different, as far as polarity, element, modality, also emphasizing different principles.

Therefore, symbolically there could be a mild conflict during this day, and some of us could try the easy way out. However, integration, balance, and reconciliation may be necessary in order to move on wisely.

Pay attention to old elements that have challenged your generosity, or watch the old situations that required more wisdom and faith from you. You might show a quite passive attitude, or you could act in a different direction to feel secure. However, you may need to take future action, in order to take advantage of opportunities and gain your benefits.

At a global level, a conflict may be emphasized in terms of politicians, law, religions, churches, high education, the prosperity and a security of a nation.

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