On June 13th 2017 four majors’ aspects will be in a culmination point, which brings into the picture a lot of ideas, a high level of comprehension, unexpected changes regarding the foreseeable future, questions about integrity, high aspiration and vision. This day may emphasize your knowledge, your education, and your talents. Some of you may need some direction to enable your abilities. The day has positive elements associated with indulgence, new skills, being easy going in new directions. There is so much you can accomplish with a minimum of effort during this day. However, despite of your logic and throughout thinking, there could be some outer elements that could disturb you. So, you could have difficulty to view life realistically. Nevertheless, you could ignore your intuition, finding a way to escape from your daily implications, and you could reject your feelings, your truth. In other words, you could ignore to face up to the harsh realities of the world, and ultimately your progress could be limited.

At a universal level, the day may bring into the picture journalism, foreign correspondence, and law. At the group level, young people may show their creativity and some of groups of people may express some request for their future.

(Mercury trine Jupiter and square Neptune, Uranus trine NN and sextile NS).

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