On June 10th 2017 Jupiter has already moved direct. So, when Jupiter moves direct, things go the right way. Generally we are full of optimism, generosity, and go thru life with confidence. Now, we will have the wisdom to comprehend what was not truthful in our lives over the past several months (since February 6th). Nevertheless we will extend our vision, opportunities and faith. Each of us will become in some way a well-prepared own teacher.

However, the challenging circumstances seem not to end, at least not yet. Generally, we may still have some hard duties to accomplish until August 25th. Despite of the very hard work, we might be rewarded if we reorganize our priorities, respect our life rules and synchronize us with our time (Saturn is still retrograde until August 25th).

Additionally, starting with June 16th, you could acknowledge your life lesson more intensely. The time may test you and you may be tempted to separate yourself from your future achievements. You can give up. Others could challenge your creativity and vitality; it could be superiors, father, boss, teacher, etc. So, you could be forced in some way by some outside elements to revise your goals, to reanalyze your big dreams, to test your faith, your belief system and your hidden abilities. Perhaps you are moving in a wrong direction for some time in terms of your artistic abilities, imagination, and intuition. Starting with June 16th, things could slow down and you may like to review what is not healthy for your life, and slowly you will separate yourself from any type of fantasy, illusion, confusion, addictions (Neptune will turn retrograde on June 16th and it will stay retrograde until 22 November 2017. It will go back from 14˚15.9” Pisces to 11˚28” Pisces)


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