Eclipses repeat in nearly exact degree and sign every nineteen years.

Therefore, on July 1st, 2000 (GMT) we had the same Cancer Solar Eclipse (10˚ Cancer).  If you have some memories from that time, that means it’s possible to have similar experiences this year, even if they may appear under a different form.

This Cancer Solar Eclipse will bring some sensitive messages that could cause changes in mood and activity. Also, it could bring new experiences for us in terms of protection, nurturing, caring, supporting for others. For some people, this Eclipse may bring major changes, which may come suddenly and it may change the perception regarding a particular aspect of life. As a result, it may mark a major turning point.

In other words, Solar Eclipses tend to create new beginnings and bring new opportunities, new elements, tools, highlighting new possibilities that we may never think of before. Hence, eclipses usually want us to have new experiences.

During an Eclipse we may feel that life moves fast and we may need to act promptly, to accelerate things, practically we will be forced to look clearly into some aspects of our lives. The results of the eclipse could be seen in the following months, in some cases until the next Solar Eclipse.

However, even if the Solar Eclipse is known as being powerful, it may symbolically affect just those who have natal planets in a very close degree to the one where this Eclipse will fall (10˚ 38″ Cancer) (I personally use just 1˚30” orb). For this reason, it will be crucial to know your natal chart, the position of your natal planets, or at least the Ascendant.

Symbolically will affect more significantly people born with personal planets and points at approximately 9˚ to 12˚ degrees of Cancer, or the opposite sign Capricorn.

Do you have any memories from 19 years ago?

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