During July 26th Sun will approach Mars by conjunction it in the exact degree 3˚41” Leo. Mars is peregrine in Leo, and it may or may not stay under Sun’s principles.

What this conjunction may bring us? Depending on the energy and life approach of each one of us. Mars in connection to Sun may emphasize spontaneous actions, it could trigger our inner courage; it gives us a sense of power, ambition, desire to lead and fight for our personal interest. Ego and pride seem to be in the game, and they will increase considerably today.

Moreover, both planets Sun and Mars square Uranus, which is in Mars’s sign Aries. There seems to be a call for a change, for an improvement, for speeding your creative actions and plans. Probably you already feel this type of energy, but your creative power or your inner force could be shaken up by some sort of turbulence, unpredictable events that could appear suddenly in your life.

Whatever it will be, it may awake your attention and this is just the introduction for the August Story. Therefore what makes us aware on July 26th could be the subject of change gradually in the next short period of time.

At a Universal level, you could hear or see actions of any kind, especially actions that might show some sort of fight and competitions, military service, hospitals, sport and accidences.

Additionally, during July 26th, Moon will travel through Virgo sign, being ahead to the Sun with approximately 45˚. This Moon position could help us create order today, especially in terms of work, health and diet. It could make us flexible to organize our priorities and to analyze carefully our needs.

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