During July 24th 2017 we have two major aspects, Venus opposite Saturn retrograde and Mercury trine Uranus.

Our life circumstances may bring into our attention some type of responsibilities regarding material matters, issues about how we administrate money, longtime relationships, strong attachments, our time invested in a particular partnership, so the day may unfold for us as a valuable lesson. Also, some difficulties may appear in cooperating with others or even relate to others. Hence, various reasons could block our affection towards others and we could delay our good intentions. Moreover, we may relive some feelings and we could stay detached from the whole picture. Furthermore, we could feel the pressure to have some major changes in terms of relationships, partnership, emotional implications, or in the way we manage our finances. The good news is that there seems to be flexibility because the opposition between Venus and Saturn is mutable.

Despite of any inconvenience or disappointment that some of us could feel during July 24th, our mind seems focus on our spiritual values and it might be open to have harmonious conversations. Nevertheless, our higher intellect will support our soul intentions. So, we might point the extension of our ideas, and we could express the way we want to deal and change things in our life.

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