During this day we can interfere with inhibition, irascibility, messages and thoughts. Memories of some limitations, fears, restriction and effort that we may have had during the last months may reappear on this this day. The same could happen with ideas that we have come up in the past and they could challenge us now. We may want to break what holds us back, but there seems not to be much flexibility at this time. Our present circumstances may open up elements of life lessons that require revising, reanalyzing before a final test. During July 19th Mercury will square Saturn retrograde.

However, this is just a strong remainder to access our near past, and to re-think how to structure things, how to manage our ideas in order to be synchronized to our time. Check out if there is something else that could be repaired? Saturn is still retrograde until August 25th and it may challenge us in many different ways, depending of each individually chart.

To conclude, if you have negative thoughts during this day, or if you feel a lack of enthusiasm, make an effort and replace all this thoughts with plans that will allow you to face your obligations with optimism.

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