There are many aspects involved for July 10th 2017 astrological configuration. For instance, Pluto square Jupiter and opposite Mars as well as Sun conjunct Mars and square Jupiter. However, the most important aspect of the day is Sun opposite Pluto retrograde, because the opposition is in the same orb (18˚). Also this opposition is part of the cardinal pattern aspect called T-Square.

This is a cardinal opposition (Sun is in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn), which could suggest a new initiation, regarding practical and emotional level. Our physical body needs more than ever before security, nurturing, growing in a safe environment. However, what is practical nowadays could deeply affect us and slowly could destroy our vitality (think about fast-food, it’s more simple to eat what is already made, but it will not give you energy). At the personal level it may even suggest self-destruction. (Think about your ego, pride, if you resist controlling things, you may create unhealthy obsessions). So during this day we could have a powerful contradiction between elements that may protect us or may bury us. On the other hand, our ego could initiate actions, in a security sense, but it could be a very strong influence that could control our plans. So, we may experience frustration, an uneasy way to manifest our individuality.

Nevertheless, in same cases we could see emotion around or in others eyes, but we could hide our feelings, controlling well our emotions. However, there seems to be a superior force, a wise person, institution (depending of the case) which could mediate today’s conflict, because Jupiter is the focal point of the patter aspect T-Square where Sun opposite Pluto.

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