Year 2019 starts with prompt energy. On the first day of January 2019, Mars moves in its sign Aries, allowing us to come up with new intentions and ways to lead a particular zone of our life. We may feel a speedy energy all around us. We could feel more courageous and tempted to follow our ego. So the year 2019 might start with ambition and energy in a certain direction (depending of each person natal chart).

Then, during January 2019 we have two Eclipses: a Partial Solar Eclipse that will occur on Capricorn sign (15˚25”), and also we will have a Total Lunar Eclipse that will occur on Leo sign (0˚52”). Eclipses usually emphasize elements that were not too much into our attention. So, during Eclipses we can have better clarity, we may notice things that we never thought of before. The Capricorn Solar Eclipse may emphasize the reality we live in, who has authority over us, who is our teacher, what lesson we have learned so far? A new definition of “time and life’ may structure our existence, and we may start doing things with much more discipline.

On the other hand, The Leo Lunar Eclipse may emphasize a drama. Who has been in the center of attention? Who was our idol? Where did we invest our energy?

The first part of the month might bring impatience with unpredictable actions or movements. However, our mind seems to control very well our intellectual intentions, our ideas during January. Mercury will enter in Capricorn on Jan 5th (GMT), a time when we will couture our thoughts, our plans. It’s possible to show a detached attitude, a conservative view about something. So, don’t be surprised if you incorporate temporary conservative ideas.

On the other hand, on January 6th, Uranus goes direct (28˚36”). Each time when a slow planets changes direction, from direct to retrograde and vice-versa, it’s said that a social manifestations may appear. Uranus will continue its journey to the last two degrees of Aries sign. During this time, we may assist of some type of closure. It’s very important de way we finalize things, because the way we end something defines the way we will open something new.

Going forward, On Jan 7th, Venus enters in Sagittarius, symbolically expanding our view in terms of loyalty, values, love and attachment.

All in all, the first part of the month January 2019 seems busy in terms of planetary movements, and all of us could feel a rush energy.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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