December 2018 seems to be a peaceful month based on planetary movements. Just Venus, Mercury and Sun will change signs. Our thoughts could have a different speed and clarity during this month.

However, our energy could carry deep emotions, determination, passion and sensitivity starting with the first days of the month. Some of us could change the way we approach others, and we may want to detach emotionally from some people, especially from those who have overpowered or manipulated us in some way. Therefore, in some cases there could be a transformation, regeneration in terms of sentiments, values, and love (Venus will enter in Scorpion on Dec 2nd and it will stay in Scorpio until January 7th 2019).

On Dec 6th Mercury goes direct, and consequently during December 2018 all the planets will be in direct motion except Uranus. At this moment, symbolically speaking Uranus could have a lot of global influences. So we may hear discussions around old stories, especially the ones not finalized. I will include here political, social issues under evaluation and negotiations that could be hard to finalize in a diplomatic manner. So there could be surprising, unpredictable or unusual form of finalization. As a clue, look behind starting with July 2010 and continue with April 2011 and so on. At that time Uranus just entered in Aries, symbolically giving us a sense of what will follow. Nowadays, Uranus is preparing to end its journey in Aries.

The New Moon in Sagittarius symbolically may open a wide perspective and a different approach to our needs. We could be more relaxed in terms of what satisfies us. Hence, the month may emphasize our generosity, our needs of having a wise mind and an optimistic view about things in general.

In terms of aspects, Dec 2nd seems to have a culminating, disturbing energy, that could bother us in some way, depending on our personal chart, on each person’s activities and how open or available we are for change. Also, Dec 7th and Dec 29th may bring inconvenient energy.


Wishing you all a very warm and Happy Holidays season!

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