The most important aspect of August 24th is Venus square Uranus (28˚). This day may bring to our attention unusual people, the ones who have unique qualities and want to live free. So, the day may show sudden movements towards breaking some old patterns. We could assist to some tensions, inconveniences among people. There could be a group of people that may have something new to affirm in connection to their social values. In other words, they may like to detach themselves from any type of social obligations that may not correspond with their principles. They simple may refuse to compromise with tradition.

Additionally, this aspect may show breaking of some sensitive relationships in politics, because Venus is associated very often with diplomacy and cooperation. Uranus brings unpredictable changes and not always the ones we want or the changes we are prepared for.

On the other hand, Venus square Uranus could affect everything what has a material form. It may not be the best day to invest, to do new things or buy unusual stuff.

All in all, August 24th contains the first perfect major hard aspect since the Eclipse. I consider it’s a very important aspect because Uranus did trine the Solar Eclipse, and it will continue to bring up elements of a new age, elements that might contour the human qualities.

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