On August 12th 2017 Venus will approach Neptune forming a perfect trine (13˚28”). This is a water trine that emphasizes the invisible world; our sensitivity, our imagination and receptivity. Also, some of us could be emotional non-verbal during this day. Hence, it’s a time when our daily values are easily acceptable by our spirit. It’s a graceful, joyful day, and a day of intuitive creation. Symbolically Venus shows our external values, while Neptune our soul values. Between them there seems to be a very good synchronicity and compatibility during this day.

These two planets being connectected to each other’s in a positive aspect may elevate our energy; it may help our spirit to awake our big ideals. Implement your external values into a piece of art, whatever it will be. Dream big but stay in reality! However, with or without words we may let our spirit fly towards an artistically zone. It’s a day of art, however you may understand it, by decorating your private space, drawing a piece of your every day life, listening to music, follow your dreams, etc.

In fact our life is an art, it’s our own creation based on our values and spirit wishes.


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