During August 10th 2017 there are two major astrological indicators that symbolically may help us understand the meaning of love, cooperation, communication, sharing our dreams with others, being generous, indulgent, kind and knowledgeable. All those key words could reflect into August 10th, and determine us to use the harmony between our mind and feelings as diplomats. So naturally we will know how to express ourselves. Hence we could feel the harmony around and some of us could even see the opportunities that arise on this day.

Our spirit is mysterious and it holds our human qualities, the superior force. Therefore, today is about our individual force; it’s about our uniqness and how we share our unique qualities, it’s about our ideals. What we let others see in us, and what is the perception of others about us. For this reason I will say that August 10th could be one of the most beautiful days of August 2017, a time when we could be positively active, our mind could shine and our identity in the world could have a positive impact. We could have opportunities to bring our ideals into reality.

Moreover, the day may urge us to do self-improvement through participations. It urges us to go forth exploring life through some type of philosophy.

Additionally, our ideas could match perfectly with others around us; we could easily communicate and exchange thoughts. On the other hand, the day may bring us a positive attitude, which could boost our daily energy, or it may stimulate our personal confidence, our optimism and ultimately we could expand our life plans.

Despite of all aspects that the astrological configuration will show on this day, the most important aspects of the day are Mercury sextile Venus and Sun sextile Jupiter. Both aspects are positive, emphasizing motivation and opportunities.

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