As a general view, April 2019 seems to be a busy month, not just in terms of planetary movements but also in terms of aspects. First of all, we enter April with no retrograde planets. However, during April the social planets Jupiter and Saturn will go retrograde. Also, one of the outer planets, Pluto, will go retrograde, too. Hence, we will leave April with three retrograde planets: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. In other words, this month will make us revise elements, decisions, and mistakes from our past. It may be an invitation to reorganize our duties, to reevaluate the reality, perhaps to redefine our belief system, to expand our knowledge, to find meanings and nevertheless to regenerate.

The process could be quite intense, agitated, if we think that Mars will guide the Sun until April 20th, when Sun will enter in Venus’s territory, Taurus. Despite influences from other aspects, on April 7th Mars will sesquiquadrate (135˚) Saturn in Capricorn, which is currently conjunct with the South Node and Pluto. So during April 7th, there could be the first hit of some discomfort, the conflict between our actions and our long-time obligations. Then, on April 11th, 2019 Mars will sesquiquadrate the South Node, and also on April 12th, 2019 will sesquiquadrate Pluto. These days could unfold old stories. It could bring out some elements that have existed in our past but could have never brought into our attention. 

On April 5th there is a New Moon in Aries (15˚17”)that could instigate us to start something new. Each of us could have a new temptation, a personal impulse, even if it is just a small idea or a massive plan, and it depends on each person’s natal chart. However, the New Moon in Aries may open as an opportunity to self-focus, independence, courage and authenticity.

On April 10th Jupiter goes retrograde (24˚21” Sagittarius). It will stay retrograde until August 11th, 2019 (14˚30” Sagittarius). During this time frame, our social beliefs could be deeply explored and integrated. There could be a reevaluation of our social morality, our social judgment. Subjects such as religion, spirituality, politics, a law can be debated during this time.

On April 19th there is a Full Moon Libra (29˚07″). This day may bring finalization, clarification of a particular topic that could have caused us some emotions, increased our tensions or feelings since last month. Some agreements, a partnership could be done. Also, this day could emphasize our refinement, diplomacy and negotiation skills. Nevertheless our social ability, cooperation could reach a mature form.

On April 20th Sun enters in Taurus, on Venus’s territory. Generally speaking, we could be perseverant, in order to create a stable and productive life platform. Also, we could be more aware of the other’s loyalty, beauty, and values.

On April 24th Pluto goes retrograde (23˚- 9.0” Capricorn). It will stay retrograde until October 3rd, 2019 (20˚37.9” Capricorn). A critical social issue could arise during this time. Also, some people in society who accumulate massive wealth and power could come in public attention. Information linked with secretive organizations, secret services, anthropologists could have reached a point that might request a revision. 

On April 30th (GMT) Saturn goes retrograde (20˚31” Capricorn). It will stay retrograde until September 18th, 2019 (13˚54.6″ Capricorn). During this time, we could have a second chance to redefine our internal sense of authority. Also, some of us might want to manage life in the way we have not done it before. Moreover, some of us could accept superior responsibilities in order to past some limits.

At a social level, working class and individual characters could come in the center of attention.

April 27th could be a tensioned day. Mars in Gemini make a perfect square with Neptune in Pisces. However, this is a mutable square that could emphasize our flexibility to adapt to new circumstances, despite any challenges or hard work involved.  Also, on April 27th Mars will semi-square Uranus in Taurus. At a global level, this could be a mild hit that could affect some otherwise stable situation, a material zone.

All in all, we will end April, and we will enter May with fire energy, which can emphasize enthusiasm, optimism, and confidentiality. In the last day of April, fire element dominates (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Chiron are in fire signs). All in all, we will end April, and we will enter May with fire energy, which can emphasize enthusiasm, optimism, and confidentiality. In the last day of April, fire element dominates (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Chiron are in fire signs).

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