We enter April with two retrograde planets (Mercury and Jupiter) and we end it with three retrograde planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto). So, during this month, there will be some very important changes. We could feel pressured and impatient. For instance, we may have an aspiration that we feel we need to act on promptly, or otherwise it would not satisfy our ego. Hence, in the first half of the month, rush energy could stimulate us in various ways.

There could be serious things that we may have to take in consideration during this spring and even during summer time. In other words, symbolically, April will open up two very important issues, that may have the same nature. The issues that could appear concern our past actions. Consequently, our circumstances may determine us to go back, digging very deep our past and organize in the same time our duties; reanalyze and evaluate the long time implications, investment and effort that we have put in some projects or people. Nevertheless, we want to have realistic results. If we will not be patient to see what we can learn from each situation and if we ignore to learn or repair what may need to be repaired from our past, than perhaps, we will be cut from the line, and as a result, there may not exist a real evaluation, upgrade, promotion. In other words it there will not be continuity in the old form, and some of us could deal with some type of separation from some things or people. Therefore during this spring and summer we will have to deal with some circumstances that are not unknown to us. They will not surprise us.

This will apply for each of us, because each of us have somewhere in the chart 30 degrees Capricorn, which is the “land’ where both Pluto and Saturn will go retrograde this month. The retrograde cycle tends to reveal what is not working, and although it can contribute to delays and frustration, it can also reveal issues that are important to resolve and fix.

On April 15th Mercury goes direct (4˚46” Aries). Mercury retrograde periods can be frustrating and inconvenient. However, there is a positive side of it, as Mercury allows us to revisit, redo, reanalyze and ultimately help us find resolutions for certain situations that have to deal with the way we offer and receive information. Now is a good time to put in practice our thoughts, ideas and plans. Another indicator that shows we have a green light to take action is the New Moon in Aries. That will occur exactly in the same days when Mercury goes direct, depending of where in the world you live.

As I already mentioned, on April 16th (GMT)/ April 15th (USA) there is a New Moon at 26˚02” Aries sign. With every New Moon we start a new cycle in terms of emotion. The house where the New Moon falls shows the zone from where we will emotionally re-charge for the next month. It shows the zone where we can open a new opportunity that can help us to grow emotionally. Check your natal chart and see in what house you have Aries. Additionally, Aries sign is all about initiations, starting actions, ambition, leading situations, even fire, conflict.

Then, on April 18th Saturn goes retrograde (9˚ 8.9”Capricorn). It will be retrograde until September 6th 2018. During this frame time we will have the opportunity to reevaluate a situation that have taught us a life lesson in recent times. So don’t be surprised if you will reconnect with old inconveniences, issues, and fears, even boundaries.

On the other hand, on April 22nd Pluto goes retrograde (21˚17” Capricorn). It will be retrograde until October 2nd 2018. During this time frame our personal life could be affected by various events happening around us. It will be the time with many secrets may be revealed, because Pluto usually unfolds deep things and Capricorn deals with serious, realistic things. Also, Pluto may help us activate our profound feelings. Pluto is about our life transformation, our world regeneration and is about deep and dark secrets. Additionally, because Pluto is a very slow planet, we could have feelings of non-progress, stagnation. In other words, this is one of the reasons why we feel intensely Pluto’s influence.

At the end of the month, on April 30th (GTS) / April 29th (USA) there is a Full Moon (9˚39” Scorpio). We could reach a high point of emotion, because symbolically a Full Moon brings intense feelings. Some of us could finalize some project or come to some conclusions. Nevertheless, it may force us to see realistically some hidden things; circumstances that could challenge us over the time, or situations that seem not to have a resolution and may require self-transformation. This could be a good time to understand our obsession for some specific things. So, we could deeply understand what over-powered us or these days may bring the end of a period of profound changes.

Going forward, among these important days there are some “heavy” aspects that could emphasize the issues that already existed. Saturn is considered to be a social planet while Pluto is a outer planet. They both may bring in our personal cycle exterior influences.

Below, I will enumerate several dates that seem more intense than others.

On April 2nd Mars will approach Saturn, forming a perfect conjunction. After this day, the “anger energy” slowly will decrease. However, at the end of the month, on March 26th, Mars will form a perfect conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. This may not be an easy day. Mars is Capricorn is in exaltation, making us be extremely focused, ambitious and effective, but there can be a rather brutal tendency to achieve one’s goals at any cost.

On April 11th, Sun will make a perfect square with Pluto. This day may have a significant influence. Square always require hard work that may challenge us.

All in all, the circumstances we go thru this month may prepare us to become a better version of ourselves, and gradually allow us to transform our soul. Astrology may help us comprehend the outer manifestations, because the transits, which in fact are the planets in movement, show how the external events may impact our lives.


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