A partial Solar Eclipse will take place on February 15th and it will fall in Aquarius (27˚08”).

This Solar eclipse will emphasize a particular area of our lives. It could mean that we will suddenly want to do something unique that we haven’t experienced in the past. For some of us it could mean acquiring new skills, contemplate a new travel destination, get a new home, hobby, friend, or a new way to make money or even a new method to research more about self.

During our life’s journey, most of us focus on the end result of our actions, but during a Solar Eclipse we tend to pay more attention to the process, rather than the final result. However, even if you experience something dramatic, the end of the road is just to pull you in a different direction, one that you perhaps were unable to see before. Or maybe this is the time to have that major change that you did not have courage to take on earlier in life.

Therefore, during the next 6 months you could be busier than usual in a specific area of your life. Also, you could embrace some major changes or naturally be aware of them.

Even if your current situation may bring pain or may reactivate some old wounds, you could find extravagant ideas that may help you to stabilize your plans.

Of course, the above observations are based on astrological equations and symbols. For instance: Uranus in Aries will sextile This Solar Eclipse, while Jupiter will square it, and Chiron will semi-square it. Nevertheless, Mercury in Aquarius will conjunct it. So in my view, for the next several months it will be very interesting to watch those days when Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury and Chiron will be in a perfect major aspect to other planets in transits. The events that may appear during those days could bring extra points that could contribute to the big picture.

However, even if the Solar Eclipse is known as being powerful, it may symbolically affect just those who have natal planets in very close degree to the one where the Eclipse will fall (I personally use just 1˚.30”). For this reason it will be crucial to know your natal chart, the position of your natal planets, or at least the Ascendant.

All in all, check your natal chart and see where you have 27˚08” Aquarius or even opposite sign Leo, (+ or – 1˚.30”). If you do have natal planets in Aquarius or Leo, around 27˚08” (+ or – 1˚.30”), then you may experience this Solar Eclipse more intense than others.

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