Sheila Abdus-Salaam: Suicide or murder? General Astrological View

In case of suicide or murder, I always find it useful to go back a least 6 months or even 1 year and analyze all the important astrological configurations (including eclipses) in order to understand how external factors could’ve affected that person’s life. In this case, because I don’t have the correct birth time, I exclude analyzing the houses. However, the last Full Moon, April 11th, 2017 (21˚33” Libra) fell exactly over her natal Neptune (lost, confusion, dissatisfaction, sacrificial, spaced-out, escape, to cover up one’s track, madness, prison). This could indicate a possibility of emotional intense day for her. It was in Libra sign, which is the sign of diplomacy, cooperation, relationship, love, marriage, peace-loving, fair-minded, indecisive, over-compromising, confrontation. Did she have a confrontation with someone during this day?

Then, I found it interesting that the Lunar Eclipse from Sept 16th, 2016 (24˚20” Pisces), fell exactly over her natal Sun (life, ideas, plans, authority, supreme power, supreme position). So if there was an idea of suicide, it came around this time. If it was a murder, the conflict came from the actions she may have concluded in this period of time. It will be interesting to analyze the chart of this day over her natal chart, to understand the cause of her problems at that particular time. On top of this, on Aug 18th, 2016 Full Moon (25˚52” Aquarius), fell over her natal Venus, which could bring some sort of separation or affection detachment.

The natal chart shows the missing earth element, which may indicate that things might not flow naturally in relation to the earth element (practicality). Then, she had a fair amount of water element, which may indicate that feelings and emotions could be important for her, and she might’ve been guided by her inner feelings.

Nevertheless, the chart shows no modality balance. The Mutable Mode is missing, so she could’ve not found it easy to adapt to new situations. In contrast, Cardinal Mode dominates the chart and could show ease to initiate actions.

All in all, Pisces is very a receptive, compassionate sign and may have the ability to resist, to hold a lot, especially as she was a well-educated person. She could’ve had a very active inner world of feelings and sensitivity, with a need to find a physical space where to recharge the batteries. Relationships, cooperation, love, values, even money seem to be the clues in this case, and it looks that they gave the start of her timer, starting with Aug 18th, 2016 (around this date). Venus is retrograde until April 15th, 2017, which could emphasize the situation. Also, Mars in transit in Venus sign. Sun in transit just passed her natal Jupiter (April 9th), which could bring an excess of positivism; good feelings, self-confidence and it may contradict a possibility of deception or negative action. Also, starting with this year, around January 27th, 2017, Venus in transit conjunct her natal Sun, and on April 12th came very close to her natal Sun (almost conjunct), which could highlight her originality, self-expression through creativity and relationship. This could represent a positive aspect, because Venus may have boosted her warm nature, harmony, affection, excessive indulgence, and attracting people. Her attitude towards life could’ve been very good, so again it could be in contradiction with the possibility of suicide.

Additionally, her natal chart shows a pattern aspect “The Grand Cross”, known also as The Grand Square that involves four planets: Mercury-Uranus-Saturn and Chiron), which may suggest a great deal of striving and effort to overcome challenges despite obstacles. Also, it may indicate a great potential for achievement and strengthening of character.

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