This article has been published by the American Federation of Astrologers in their monthly magazine “Today’s Astrologer” on May 4th, 2019, Volume 81, Number 5.

All of us, with no exception, symbolically have Pluto somewhere in our life cycle. Hence, Pluto is transiting a specific part of our natal chart daily. Pluto is that “second” that passes in a year while making us feeling the root of each moment we lived.
The mysteries of our soul begin to break out slowly while we become strongly connected for years with “intense feelings.” We could keep them secret, in shadows, for various reasons.

Consequently, without intent, we may have created a mine inside us. Our soul seems to be incapable of doing something because what we desperately wish depends in some way by the external factors. We, as souls, are locked in human existence. Even if we have power and control over it, we can’t merely escape; we have to experience particular circumstances. Perhaps, we may want to dig deep in our past to comprehend the meaning of our soul in this incarnation. Some of us may have to bury our anger, emotions, or even passion. Those things may remain hidden until the time is right for them to be brought out to light. Eventually, we may have to recharge our energy countless times to survive.

Symbolically, Pluto sticks to our soul in a specific life section, and force us to accept it the way it is, move on with our lives, even if the movement in that area is languid. Moreover, it may push us to transform that dead part of our existence. Despite everything we do, the outside world will not favor us. Actually will let us burn very slowly until we feel how insignificant we are in the world. It’s not about humiliation; it’s a thoughtful lesson to see the word from the underworld. Each of us, with no exception, may have to deal with something profound, and nobody else can go through those particular experiences for us, no matter who we are as a social status.

In some cases, we might be forced to go nowhere but to the end of our physical death. Also, here, a regeneration is producing a new force that can transform the entire concept of that “something” that has been burned us slowly for years. We will understand that nothing is without reason, and the slow movement we have to endure in a specific life section makes us learn the underworld lesson. It’s like wisdom born out of difficulty. We will understand the silence, the darkness, the coldness, and the mystery of the underworld. It’s like you touch the ground with your ear to hear the language of the underground, an echo of another time. You comprehend everything because you learned everything on your own. The light of your soul perhaps will penetrate deep in the ground, allowing your mind to perceive and investigate every layer of the dark world.

However, at this stage of exhaustion, imagine a superior teacher, perhaps a school inspector strolls to your school. He may want to evaluate the individual level or maybe the entire institution/ school.

What is the inspector looking for? What is the meaning of the evaluation? Who studied hard will understand very well everything, the purpose of the examination, what the answers should be, and so on. Everyone, without exception, might have some evaluation around January 2020, of course, with a different subject and intensity from person to person.

However, what if this is not about a school evaluation, what if this is about world evaluation?
What if the internal pressure of those in need created in time an invisible force? What if this force can explode at any moment?  What if no one listened to helpless people around the world? Moreover, what if the “inspector” of our existence wants to evaluate our resisting force, our patients, and discipline in time, soul passion, life structure, and morality?

In simple words, I see the Saturn – Pluto conjunction as the longtime lesson and hidden pressure, as the limits and intensity of holding, the discipline and under-appreciation, the real world and mystery world, the fears and the intimidation, the masters and who control the power. Also, many of us could easily give up because we as humans have a temptation to give up too soon, to separate from any rigidity, inconveniences, and hard work. Many of us may already leave that “slow down life process,” the journey of transformation, without thinking about the benefits of hard work results. So, maybe some of us gave up prematurely the chance of soul purification and freedom in human existence. In other words, we poison our hopes and passion. Hence, the intensity we could not resist holds a very profound feeling of frustration, fears of the future. We can bury it in another layer of mysticism,  and then attach it as a secret to our soul. More secrets to carry makes it harder to move, or uneasy to live.

However, what if you still not giving up, and you continue to reinvent yourself to survive and give continuity to your life? There is an old meaning phrase” what can’t kill you will make you stronger.” So, in this case, your force can grow, and you may become resistant in that life section. You could see everything with another meaning. Perhaps, the entire life’s principles change. Also, your life structure could be different. Your priorities may change too. Consequently, others may control your physical movements, but nobody ever can control the power of your soul. So, you can die a hundred times, and you can be reborn thousand times more powerful.

More than that, at this stage of your life, you demonstrated you are capable of holding the forces in the same manner you press the power of death and the power of staying alive without much joy, light. It’s like you are a good friend with everyone, even with the dark of the darkness. Your soul was transformed slowly by the time, and your vision just grew. You are a lucky one! From now on, you are optimistic, or a least you are life knowledgeable. The Universe may want you to expand your life view, your happiness. You are rewarded, and you deserved it. (You may recognize the symbols of Jupiter here because Jupiter will come in this
equation Pluto- Saturn and it will be the best judge ever).

Nevertheless, the power of the Universe may bring you an extra benefit. Perhaps you will have a new teacher around, or maybe an invisible force will assist you, step by step, to help you with your life directions even if you never notice that. You could enjoy the life you desire to live. You resisted, and you are a survivor! It’s like the last hope never left your soul.

All in all, Jupiter – Saturn – Pluto in conjunction it’s like a cheerful greeting for sobriety and darkness.

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