On May 29th we could feel a lot of positive energy and flexibility. This may cause us to be enthusiastic and tempted to drive fast through life. Our mind could have a different speed at this time. Despite of our dynamic energy, this day may bring limits, obstacles that could slow down our intellectual ambition. So during May 29th you could meet some challenging circumstances that could push you to navigate slowly, in order to comprehend time, and to build a strong life structure, eventually to reorganize your priorities, your duties. Moreover, the Moon is under Waxing Phase (Crescent Phase) that may allow us to explore every possibility potentially helping our personal growth. So despite any obstacles we may still have the impulse to take action, challenging the old life structures and the old routines. Also, because the Moon is in a Crescent Phase (45 to 90 degrees ahead of the Sun), we may be tempted to leave behind the past and get on with the future. Nevertheless we may have faith in our own abilities to rise to challenges.

More than that, Mars and Saturn are part of a pattern aspect called T-Square (Mars opposites Saturn and both square Chiron). Chiron is the focal point of this mutable pattern aspect, symbolically mediating our actions and our time; our energy and our duties. Are you aware of your life responsibilities? This is a perfect time to think about our life, far in the future, and eventually to build a new long life goal by taking one step at a time. It’s good to remember that Saturn is retrograde until Aug 25th, a period when we will meet various opportunities to correct our life mistakes and to manage our life principles.

To conclude, May 29th may indicate some conflict between our desires and our sense of responsibility. We need to become self-disciplined in order to use our energy constructively.

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