Some projects in connection to others could reach a mature form, and now is time to collect the results, to finish the job, or eventually end the period of emotional involvement. On the other hand, this day could open up some secrets, could reveal some truth that you have been researching for a while. If someone could cause you pain you may find it difficult to move forward, because Scorpio is water fix sign and may influence you to go back to find out more details, to find the truth. So you could feel deeply attached to something, you could feel that you are stuck emotionally in the past. Therefore it will be good if you could be a little more flexible during this day, May 10th.

In contrast, something or someone may appear and could determine you to move forward, to take a risk, to take a first courageous step, to follow your rebellious ideas. This is because, in the same day, May 10th, Mercury will conjunct Uranus in a perfect orb (25˚Aries). Mercury is all about ideas, thoughts, communications, education, science, travels, railways, while Uranus is the higher mind, awakening, the planet that help us break structures, principles, things that could limit our life progress. So during this day, you could upgrade your ideas, your intellectual plan.

All in all, it will be intense day, because Scorpio is the deeper sign in terms of profound feelings, but the energy of the day will be well balanced by Mercury conjunct Uranus, which are in Aries cardinal, fire sign.

Think big, you have a green light to initiate whatever you like!

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