This Full Moon will make two important aspects. Of course, it will opposite Sun in Gemini, and also will conjunct Jupiter, the ruler of this Full Moon.

During the last weeks, we might’ve created a comfortable affinity with others; we could have created an extension of how to gain knowledge; we could give expanded our kindness, generosity, and worldwide vision. Also, we might’ve gone beyond logic to trust what others have tried to communicate in their truth and what they have enacted in the end.

So, during the full moon (June 17th), we might feel and acknowledge that we have gone too far, and maybe we might feel injustice in some way. Consequently, other’s responses to our gestures may not be at the level we have expected it to be.

Full Moon usually brings a full set of emotions. Because this full Moon is in Sagittarius may amplify everything, but it could give us the flexibility to move on easily. However, during this day, our feelings, needs, and claims could be exaggerated. Also, some of us may be tempted to speak our truth in a direct way. Moreover, some of us could feel disappointed if someone will cut off the enthusiasm, and will not respond with the same positive attitude.

All in all, with the support of your positive energy and belief system you might be able to expand your true view and see things from a higher perspective, wise and superior. Consequently, the mood of the day will depend on you, how you will manage your feelings and how you will temperate the excess of emotions.

See where this Sagittarius Full Moon is falling in your natal chart!  It may have an impact on those who have personal planets or angles near 23˚ – 27˚ degrees Sagittarius or Gemini. (Usually, I used just conjunction and opposition for Lunations and Eclipse / 1˚ 30” orb).

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