July 23rd 2017 is the day of power. Sun enters in its own sign Leo emphasizing the joy to live and play. Leo is the second fire sign, which has childish qualities, so don’t be surprised if you will be more creative then usual during the next several weeks.

On the other hand, July 23rd is one of the most important days of July, also because there is a New Moon (O˚44” Leo). So the way you express yourself or the method that you use will be very important for you in the next 28 days. It might emphasize your needs to have authenticity and recognition in that zone where this New Moon will fall in your natal chart.

Additionally some area of your life may natural urge you to create new opportunities for yourself, to feel special and unique, to initiate something new. More than that, you can have that chance to change something considerable in your life in the next month, when we will have a Total Solar Eclipse that will also fall in Leo sign (28˚53”).

To conclude, each of us has Sun somewhere in the natal chart transiting a specific area of life, symbolically zooming out elements that could be very useful to use in order to improve our life journey.

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