Two major hard aspects will influence our energy during July 17th 2017. It’s all about love and dreams, peace and dissolving things, cooperation and offering our support to the society we belong to. On the other hand, our competitive energy could link us to unusual things; we could have the courage to have eccentric experiences. The problem here could be the speed we may be tempted to accelerate towards unusual things or unknown people. Another issue may be the aggressive way we may tend to handle things that may require change.

Mars will square Uranus, while Venus will square Neptune, which is retrograde.

To conclude, today is the day of “squares” which could emphasize conflicts, disagreement, inner distress and personal dissatisfaction. We simple can’t rush things, we may have to change direction, have a different attitude, and want to look into present situation from different perspectives. Now, it’s the time to use positively our higher minds.

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