During the month of February 2019, all planets seem to move directly, following their natural path. So, as a first impression, things may go smoothly and nothing major may appear during this month.

However, some of the aspects may emphasize specific attention to something that matters. For instance, on February 2nd, Mars, which is in the last degrees of Aries, will be in a perfect square with Pluto in Capricorn. This day may emphasize unrest between leaders of world powers, between ego and following a protocol. Also, it may show a strong wish to act and achieve personal goals, social status, while on the other way there is professionalism, responsibility, and realistic control. So this day may bring a lesson to learn how to dissolve the ego. Do not push your ambition, your courage. In my view, this could be one of the most challenging days of the month. At an individual level, we might have to learn to control our energy, our impulses, the way we act in general.

On February 4th (GMT) Venus enters in Capricorn. We may want to over calculate our investments, values, what is real and what is not real in the rhythm of life.

On the same day, February 4th, there is a New Moon in Aquarius (15˚45”). Our attention for the following month may be in term of group needs, interest in others, humanity, friends. This New Moon may open up an extravagant way to see things in the world and may allow us to find inventive solutions and ideas. This day may represent the seed for the beginning of new trends. Unexpected events may appear, events that may bring a positive opportunity for growth. We could understand better how things work, how technology may influence our evolution as humans.

On February 10th Mercury enters in Pisces. We may have a tendency to dream big, to show our compassionate thoughts. Also, we may collect information that could bring us inner happiness, joy. It’s a good period to expand your book collections. You could read about mysticism, occult, spirituality, yoga, and meditation. Nevertheless, it’s a good period for spiritual purification, with a desire for peace of mind and forgiveness.

Additionally, February 13th could be one of the challenging days of the month, too. Mars will be in the last degree of Aries sign, forming a perfect conjunction with Uranus. High energy formed between these two planets could bring unseen courage, unpredictable actions, manifestation, and even some shocking events. So the day may empathize an excitement to initiate something constructive, but on the other way, it could bring conflict with others.

On February 14th Mars enters in Taurus. Mars is in detriment in Taurus, symbolically directing our actions toward perseverance, patience, self-worth, and money. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself following a particular path that may help to increase your income.

On February 19th Sun enters in Pisces. In the same day, there is a Full Moon in Virgo. Also, Mercury, which rules this Full Moon, will be in perfect conjunction with Neptune, in Pisces. Moreover, Mercury will be in a perfect sextile with Saturn. This day may bring artistic energy. Some of us could easily turn on the next page. In other words, there seems to be flexibility to end what brought us discomfort or inconvenient feelings in the last month.

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