The astrological configuration of February 2018 looks much simpler than the on in January. We enter in February with no retrograde planets. Also, we don’t have any planets that will turn direct or retrograde during this month. Moreover, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will continue their journey through the same astrological signs. So, everything seems to move in the right direction. Therefore, we could notice some progress, both personally and at group level, universally.

On the other hand, February doesn’t emphasize strong conflict among leaders, social groups or politics. However, there could be tension, but not drastically differences of opinion. The dynamic of the month is more about finding middle ground. If you went to far, find the half way back to meet the other part, to adjust, rather than insist on a specific viewpoint. The Astrological equation of the month of February doesn’t show major oppositions, except the one of Sun and Mercury. Sun will opposite the North Node on February 3rd, and Mercury will opposite the North Node on February 9th. So issues around personal dreams and the way we perceive the messages from others could challenge us. As a result, a tendency towards a specific direction may appear and you could choose something that may not synchronize well with your future plans. What your ego and mind want to achieve these days might not be what your soul wants.

However, each of us will experience differently this period. So, pay attention to the energy that you will feel or you will create during these days! There could be a warning or something may be emphasized, something that is not what you think, or are not what you expect it to be. In other words, these days will prepare the ground for your future manifestations.

On February 11th (GMT) Venus enters in Pisces, the last sign of the horoscope. Venus is in exaltation in Pisces and symbolically it may color our existence with much love, art and beauty. Some of us may upgrade the approach to others, change the feelings towards them, even we could show unconditional love. Nevertheless, we could show a complete form of generosity, devotion and affection.

On the other way, there can be a tendency towards dissatisfaction, but despite it all we could act powerfully without resistance or restrictions. Pisces is the sign of compassion and high spirituality. During this time we could see a much closer approach from people.

Going forward, on February 15th there is a Partial Solar Eclipse that will fall in Aquarius sign (27˚28”). You could activate during this time your higher mind. Eventually you could detach yourself from your own interest and you could see the big picture of society in which you belong. You are very close to reach the higher truth. Some of you may have a fixed idea or opinion regarding a particular aspect of life, but the Eclipse may symbolically force you to zoom out, to minimize your personal interest and perceive the reality from a wider, bigger picture, a group dream. Sun represents individuality, while Aquarius represent society, so this eclipse could symbolically emphasize a social dream, a group cause that may be into our attention in the next period of time.

So, our thoughts during this time could help us to move further and stabilize elements from our life, perhaps in a very unusual way. More than that, some of us could link the personal interest to some social cause. So, new elements may appear into our daily life, elements that could vitalize us for at least the next six months. I will detail this Solar Eclipse soon; stay connected!

Then, on February 18th (GMT) Mercury enters in Pisces and on the next day, on February 19th Sun enters in Pisces. Also, Neptune is in Pisces at the moment. So as you can see, starting with the second part of February, the time accelerates our movement towards compassion. Furthermore, Sun in Pisces can give us a lot of inspirational moments, where we can play with our creativity. It’s a beautiful energy that may encourage us to conclude in a nice way a very important stage of our life. There will not be any opposition from others, but we could feel tension and difficulty in letting go and moving forward freely.

All in all, during February we will have two major oppositions, 5 conjunctions, 6 squares, 10 sextile and 1 trine. So, there will be several key days that I will try to cover later this month. Stay connected! Additionally, there won’t be a Full Moon during February. Usually during a month we have a least one New Moon and one Full Moon. However, in the second day of March (GMT) there will be a Full Moon in Virgo (11˚23”). So any emotional accumulated during February, especially the last part of February could be released or completed on or around March 2nd. In USA the Full Moon will be on March 1st.


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