In Astro –Criminology, even if we don’t know the birth time of the victim or the criminal we can find so many valuable clues just analyzing the base of that natal chart in connection with the Lunation and Eclipse for the previous six months/ 1 year.  In most of the cases, an Eclipse triggers a natal planet, or least a Lunation has a remarkable story to tell.

In other words, there may be not significant events or changes in someone life without been marked in the astrological charts. Also, I always take in consideration “the rule of three”, for each method that I use.

Moreover, most of the time, I am using four astrological methods to analyze someone or a circumstance and, in this case, all of them should conduct me to the same result, “a probability”.

A good example, in this case, is a well known, still an open case in Romania, nowadays.

Alexandra Macesanu, a 15th years old girl was abducted, raped and she is still missing, although she called 3 times at 112 / Romania Emergency number (Similar to 911). Police secured a search warrant even though one was not legally necessary, and then waited outside the property, entering it 19 hours after Alexandra called.

Even if I don’t know her time of birth, I have her date of birth (Sept 15th, 2003). This could allow us to understand her general based on her natal planetary position.

As a general view, she seems to be practical, efficient and flexible to adopt new circumstances. In the moments of limits, fears or pains she could have had an impulse to initiate actions, especially if is about her safety and protection. Saturn is the only planet in a cardinal sign (Cancer). In this case, Saturn is the key planet offering us details about how she activated her motivation and superiority in the moments of limits and fear. Hence, Saturn in Cancer may lead her to subscribe to the idea that ‘the best form of defense is to attack’. However, traditionally, Saturn in Cancer has been considered a difficult placement, because Saturn rules Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn.

Alexandra Macesanu was kidnapped on 24th July, 2019. However, the Cancer Solar Eclipse (10˚ 38” Cancer) that occurred on July 2nd, 2019 did fall over her natal Saturn (11˚45″ Cancer), and opposite her natal Chiron (12˚ 22” Capricorn). Therefore, the Eclipse had activated a specific zone of her natal chart, that we don’t know, because we don’t know her time of birth, but we know that July Total Solar Eclipse had activated her natal Saturn in Cancer. This is very important key in this case. Cancer sign is not only about nurturing, caring and protection; it’s about sending signals about social security, feminine support, and emotional receptivity, nevertheless is associated, connected with the water, sea.

In traditional astrology, Saturn is known as the Greater Malefic, bringing all manner of death and misfortune, delays, fears and pain. Despite all above Saturn influences, Saturn brings superiority, recognition, restriction and separation; sometimes a separation from others as a psychical form.  However, when a Solar Eclipse activates the natal Saturn that might indicate a new step into serious duties, and then months to follow new rules and structures.

Additionally, her natal Pluto is the only planet in Fire element that automatically makes her to be attracted by the power of authority and to be creatively involved with the world.

Nevertheless, Mars conjunct Uranus in her natal chart confirms spontaneous and unusually actions that may be not the right ones. This is a very “risk taking’ conjunction, especially because Mars and Uranus are retrograde.   

Alexandra Macesanu astro chart

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