During August 2017 we will have about 18 very important major aspects, meaning that several planets will meet one another in a perfect point, in a perfect degree.

Then, we have 3 very important days, when 3 planets will change directions. These days are August 3rd, August 13th and August 25th.

Moreover, during August 2017 we will have two Eclipses. There will be a partial Lunar Eclipse that will take place on August 7th, and it will fall in 15˚25” in Aquarius sign. We will also have a Total Solar Eclipse that will take place on Aug 21st and it will fall in Leo sign at 28˚53”. If you didn’t see my Solar Eclipse video, you can check it out below, at the end of the article.

Overall the month of August will emphasize two areas of your life: one that may help you to let things go, and another one that emphasizes a particular area of your life that requires improvement, changing direction, develop new skills, adopt new life principles, change your attitude, build your individuality or increase your life quality in general.

Therefore, during August you may experience various emotions; some of them very intense that could determine you to change the way you see things. More then that you could even feel that the time tests your discipline, your patience. So, you could have some final tests in a very specific zone of your life, and if you are not ready to deal with them they could bring fears or separation. For the rest of this article I will go over several days to watch for in particular, and also I will give you some examples to know what to expect.

On August 3rd Uranus goes retrograde (28˚31” Aries). It will stay retrograde until January 2nd 2018. During this time frame, especially on August 3rd and January 2nd, when Uranus will change directions, it may bring sudden social events that could disturb in some way our personal comfort. You can see or hear news that could emphasize old principles, rules that must be reconsidered or must be reevaluated and eventually changed in the next 6 months. In some cases, for people that delayed taking some very important personal decisions, during this period may have bring unexpected situations that could force them to have major changes in a particular zone of their life. In other words, the outside environment could affect them in some way and automatically they have to change or to make an extension of their plans.

Then, on August 13th Mercury goes retrograde (11˚37″ Virgo) and it will stay retrograde until Sept 5th 2017 (28˚25″ Leo). This will be the period to analyze and over calculate your personal interests, your ideas in strong connection to the material world. Perhaps you will become more critical with yourself, you will analyze the way you serve others and how efficient you are in doing things. I personally like Mercury retrograde. It’s the time when I tend to think of old elements, ideas, and thoughts. In my natal chart Mercury is in Gemini sign and it is part of a Stellium being conjunct with Moon and Sun. So I have very quick mind, feeling like having numerous thoughts at once, thinking fast and develop ideas in the same manner. So symbolically Mercury retrograde allows me to think carefully, to reanalyze thoughts, messages and conversations. Also, I like to do some writing during Mercury retrograde; it’s a very inspirational time for me. I have thoughts and ideas that came very easy in mind. So I personally enjoy Mercury retrograde. On the other hand, many times I have deleted by mistake what I have worked on my computer. For instance, the most crucial moment was when I deleted somehow a very important document (my thesis). So during Mercury retrograde you could have computer errors, misunderstood messages or conversations. Things could not go that easy as they usually do. Therefore, be careful if you work with documents, what you sign and nevertheless what contracts you will make.

Then, on August 25th Saturn goes direct (21˚10.9” Sagittarius). It has been retrograde from April 6th 2017. Its story could teach you something about time, about life as a big picture, and ultimately your responsibility towards some particular area of your life may increase considerably. So, you could learn a hard lesson between April 6th and Aug 25th 2017. See what house Saturn is transiting at the moment! In the same time, life could prepare yourself for a fresh beginning in terms of responsibilities and life duties. So you will have opportunity to upgrade your life principles, to incorporate into your life new solid principles and you could eliminate old fears. However, Saturn represents our work, our effort, structuring and even mastering our time. So symbolically Saturn always teach us in a hard way a very valuable lessons.

Forward, August 21st we have a very important New Moon Total Solar Eclipse, which will fall in almost the last degree of Leo Sign (28˚53”). For more details about this important event, you can watch my Youtube video below. I have covered some general principles of this Solar Eclipse and also I mentioned in what house will fall in based on your ascendant. Therefore, you can find out what message you may receive during or after the Eclipse. What zone of your life will require change or improvement during the next 6 months?

Additionally, what is very interesting is that in the same day of the Solar Eclipse Uranus will be the witness of this Eclipse, watching it from an angle of 120 degrees. It will support the Sun, because it will trine the Sun, actually the perfect trine, same degree (28˚).

So Uranus may support your near future dreams, plans that you make during this Solar Eclipse. So you could be excited about a major change, or some changes may come easy and naturally to you, even taking you by surprise and trigger your originality, human qualities, even the strange/weird side of you. Nevertheless this Solar Eclipse may awake your higher mind, human kindness, your interest towards groups of people, society you belong, or human causes.

On the other hand, this Eclipse will activate a particular zone of our life, one that will remain open until the next Solar Eclipse, which will take place on Feb 15th 2018. What is very interesting is that Uranus will be retrograde, from this eclipse thru almost the next Eclipse. So, in my view Uranus will assist us during this frame time, it may encourage us to allow unusual elements into our life and we could be open more then ever to strange ideas.

So our personal changes or our society changes seem to be connected in same way with Uranus. At a universal level, this could be the 6 months of redefined humanity principles, law and rules. Uranus will revise and finally break the old patters, old rules, and it may force us to make space for innovating actions, especially if we as society will stick for while to very conservative principles. When society resist to the old principles, somehow the rules will be broken; somewhere in the world some unrest will happen; in some cases Uranus may bring revolution, manifestation, earthquakes, and change in politics, even some changes in terms of technology. So Uranus is not unpredictable at all, actually appearing when we ignore or we don’t allow our minds to update to new things, and voluntary block our evolution, as a person or as a society.

All in all, August 2017 seems to open an opportunity to see the unusual things in us or in our society in general. The unusual things come from our originality, which with we came into this world with, using our uniqueness, develop it and share it with the world.

Symbolically Uranus will push us, will force us, and will shake us in order to integrate in our daily life our higher potential. So Leo Solar Eclipse could bring a fire in order to heat our ambition and motivation and move us in the opposite direction, the one where we can think freely and develop an a very unique and original way.

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