On April 19th 2019 there is a Full Moon in Libra.

It will fall in the last degree of Libra (29˚07”). Even if this Full Moon takes place in Venus’s sign, it will form a quincunx with Venus. During this day, our mood, feelings, memories, may need to be adjusted because of the mild irritation, especially in the areas determined by the planets, houses, and adjoining aspects.

If you decide to finalize something during this day, you may realize that things may not go the exact way you planned. There could be a discomfort, and you may not wish to have a significant change that the circumstances could encourage you to do it. Also, awareness could be developed to control fluctuating emotions and the way you respond to others. This Full Moon will opposite Uranus that is also in Venus sign.

Moreover, this full Moon will form a sesquiquadrate with Mars in Gemini, and also, will form a square with Pluto in Capricorn. In other words, the day could emphasize tensions and inner conflicts. However, the challenge might be to learn to control the temperament, and also, to learn to analyze the situation before allowing your emotions to overwhelm you.

Despite all the above, the day has many other positive aspects that could stimulate our future views and balance the harmony of the day.

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